Bill Pepper - Master Voice Teacher Coming to Singapore in 2010!

Master Voice Teacher Bill Pepper Coming to Singapore in 2010

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russell_crowe"As a young untrained actor I was always on the look out for mentors and teachers. In Bill Pepper I found someone who could unlock the mystery's of the voice's power in simple, practical terms. Bill gave me a lot of confidence."

Russell Crowe, Actor, Oscar Winner




Justin Melvey Actor“I have been working with Bill for over 15 years between the shores of Sydney to Los Angeles. Bill's  expertise has allowed me to develop a  strong Voice in Accent training that gave me the confidence on long term contracts with NBC's  "Days of Our Lives and ABC's "General Hospital " and many other US projects. As my Acting Mentor Bill gave me the courage, knowledge and wisdom to achieve prime time TV success in Australia. His experience in diaphragm and voice projection added to my theatre achievements in "The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare "where I performed at the Opera House in Sydney and nationally . Without Bill's persistence, determination and faith I would never have found the tools required of the voice to keep me employed in what I dearly strive to do which is " Acting "

Justin Melvey, Actor




"My vocal work at drama school with Bill Pepper is probably one of the most significant aspects of my training. 6 years out of drama school - I'm continually seeing and reaping the benefits. Bill has a wonderful ability to free the voice and help actors find colour and texture in all styles of work from classical theatre to film. He also understands text in its dramatic context which is invaluable for actors. He is one of the best vocal coaches in the country."


Jason Chan, Doctor, Actor,  NIDA Graduate, AADB Founder



rick_lau When I started working with Bill, I was immediately inspired by his generosity and his passion for words and voice. Having done mostly one-man cabaret and independent theatre in the past, performing the lead role ofthe Engineer in Miss Saigon in theatres with 2000 seats had called for a different set of vocal skills. Bill inspired me to access my unique true voice, when the whole body is engaged and vibrating, and when everything we say comes from our emotional core in the pelvis. Combining that with text analysis and phrasing for effective communication, Bill helped me find the vocal largeness, clarity and stamina that the role demanded so I could “fill the house” consistently and safely. I’m eternally grateful to Bill for an amazing journey and growth, and for inspiring a lifelong love affair with words.

Rick Lau, Engineer 1st Understudy, Miss Saigon Australian tour 2007-2008

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