Bill Pepper's March-April 2010 Visit to Singapore

Bill Pepper's first Visit to Singapore was a resounding success!

During his 2 week visit, Bill conducted a series of 1 day and 5 day workshops and masterclasses including - 2 Beginner's workshops and 3 Advanced Masterclasses at the Drama Centre located at the National Library of Singapore. There was a good representation from actors, hosts, teachers, speakers and working professionals. Bill also had the opportunity to conduct a couple of workshops for the students of ACJC as well a give a few one-on-one sessions for some students.

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Feedback from Bill Pepper's March-April Visit to Singapore 2010

Here is some of the feedback received from participants from the workshops:

"His experience and expertise is undeniable. He is patient and looks at each individual's progress. His exercises are practical too. (The most value I got) How to use your diaphrgam was one which i finally got the hang of, the next was the use of pitch in speaking. That was a breakthrough for me as well. I joined this workshop, hoping to be able to connect my voice with my emotions and this workshop has certalnly done that for me. In addition, as with all good workshops, you get more than you expected, and in Bill's case, it was a matter of appreciating the text instead of being overwhelmed by it." Amy Cheng - Actor

"(I liked) Bill's experience and expertise in voice production, exercises to open up and access different aspects of voice production" Timothy Nga - actor

"I like how Bill takes something very abstract and gives us images to focus on so as to internalise the desired outcomes for the exercises. I like how Bill is getting me to look at pitch in a different way by trying to source where the pitch comes from. I am fascinated with the training and can see how it takes time to really perfect the exercises. I would be interested to do more training with Bill. Overall, I am very impressed and am glad I signed up!" Lavinia Tan - Lush FM Radio Host.



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"Its (was) great!, its (was) very focused, freeing our bodies to achieve optimum voice control"

Shannon Su - Actor

"Fun, Interactive and practical. Bill is very helpful and is a great coach. Great introduction for newbies, like me, who have never had any vocal training before. The practise that I got and the small group size was great as it enabled more personal attention. The technique and exercises taught also helped improve my voice especially with regards to breathing" Cale Chew - Trainer. Teacher

"It was very interesting. Great insight was given on how the voice relates to the body. I liked the exercises and exploration of the voice within the body. I expected to open my voice up and that expectation was met! Great venue too!" Ian Ketsu - Actor, Host

"Thanks Bill, Great Passion you gave!" Ricky Lien - Producer, Mindset Media

"Bill is clearly not only passionate about his craft, he is also highly knowledgable and can teach vocal concepts well" Joe Augustin - Voice Over Artist / Radio Host

"(The best part for me was) Learning how to use my body to produce a natural voice through the vocal exercises" Esther Tan

"(I liked) The chance to experience the vocal exercises personally with a trainer rather than from books or videos" Sonny Lim, Manager

"I found the entire day very informative and an enjoyable experience. Bill has done a good job of merging the technical with the practical - making the goal of enriching one’s voice a very realistic one."

Anthony Morse - Host History Channel

"Very Insightful and illuminating. I was blown away by Bill's ability in supercharging our breath capacity right down to our spines. It goes beyond whatever I had experienced before and he didn't wrap it up in mystical mumbo-jumbo, but explained it in clear concise terms i could understand. The tonal range and strength of my voice was dramatically improved within an hour of Bill's coaching." - -Edvarcl Heng

"Bill is certainly an expert at what he teaches and can answer questions asked very clearly"

Tushar Ismail, Actor

"Breathing exercises were very enlightening. Bill was very personalbe and effecative as a teacher."

Leo LiYen,

"I like the exercises that allowed me to feel the physical changes in my breathing and speaking. (The Value I got was) Gaining the knowledge to train my own voice. Its helpful having a coach to guide me in the process." Qiaoyun Shen, Professional Blogger

"Bill Pepper's comments on our individual needs and areas to work on are very personalised." Grace Soo

"(I liked) The reinforcement of basic exercises to free the voice. The techniques were organic, not forced."  Peggy Ferroa - Actor

"The workshop was very informative and helped me to understand the dynamics of finding and using my natural voice. Bill Pepper's a great voice teacher." Divya Sasidharan - Actor

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